About Us

Red ButtWelcome to Red Butt Ceramics. We are so pleased you have found us in our little piece of the internet. If you have met us before you may know our story of what "Red Butt" comes from however here is the visual. Meet Lou the red butt who works in the studio with us (you can see her red tail feathers).
If you have not met us or asked about why we are called Red Butt Ceramics, heres the scoop. Enter Lou 👈. She is our African Grey Parrot who works in the studio with us. She has the intelligence of a 7 year old so it makes it very interesting.
She is 11 years old (2023) and is an awesome, sometimes a terrorist, but loving little person. I wish I had a more salacious story for you but there it is, pretty tame.
We started Red Butt in 2020 and it has quickly grown into what we are today. I would say our number one question is if we "make it all" and the answer is yes we do. Every. Single. Piece is made right here in our home studio. Our big focus is on Wine cups and mugs but we also delve into bowls and plates. You can follow us on TikTok to see behind the scenes of what this is like and who we are. Follow us here
Thanks for stopping by and please reach out if you have any questions.