About Us

Red Butt Ceramics Makers

Thanks for visiting us at Red Butt Ceramics. The first question we are always asked is why "Red Butt". Well the story is, we adopted an African Grey Parrot who ended up being a BIG personality in our home. She works with us in the studio now accompanied by a double yellow Amazon Parrot named Noah. They love to help! Her formal name is Lou but we call her "The Red Butt Chicken" so low and behold "Red Butt Ceramics" came to be.

We are a husband and wife with 2 girls, we are full time photographers in our other companies SSVMedia.ca and PhotographybySSV.com. Red Butt is our side "hustle".

We started in ceramics in January 2020 (yup noobs) but we loved it so much and with a pandemic it accelerated the process into what you see here today. 

Our goal is to make functional art for your home. Pieces that you want to grab every time you have a drink or eat your favourite food. We hope you love the pieces you purchase. They are all created with a lot of love.